Saturday, July 25, 2009

How Can I help u?

The person manning the reception desk or any other salesman at a shop repeats this question a thousand times (or may be more) in their lifetime. I wonder how many times they actually come to our rescue.

Our everyday lives are filled with so many questions and crucial decision-making. Since, childhood diverse thoughts cross our minds giving way to ceaseless row of queries. Most of these are left unanswered. Others, which are supposedly answered, have mere assumptions and justifications for answers. These are governed by our biases.

To do or not to do, making the right decision in tangled situations is exhausting. We find ourselves stuck in such situations at times, where one decision can alter your complete life. There’s not much others can do for your rescue, other than giving suitable advice.

Had God provided us with ‘How Can I help u?’ service life would be much simpler (too bad if u r an atheist). Our questions would be answered (I mean the ‘real answers’) in a jiffy. You would always end up choosing the best (decision) with God’s thumbs up sign flashing.

You can have a counter argument by saying he is providing us with signs all the time. But what’s the point when most of us cant read them or else interpret them wrongly (making it all the more worse). It makes more sense to have direct answers than signs that confuse us.

I am sure we will all be at much more peace with ourselves with our doubts and queries resolved. How about signing a petition to God requesting such a service?  


  1. Considering that instead of giving us direct answers, He gives us signs which most of us can't read or rather find confusing..... I think God is female....
    (even so many of receptionists are females!!!)
    and the question 'how can I help you?' itself is difficult to answer... if I knew how could I be helped, I would rather do it myself!!!!
    So I don't see any point in signing such a petition to God....

  2. this made a pretty confusing reading..

  3. @bhavin: i m more happy (being a feminist) 2 hear god is female! :)....the other thing its nt bout just being helpd... its bout gettin all d ans of ques u hav in ur mind!!
    @sid ;)

  4. @nidhi: what exactly r these questions? maybe bhavin and me will be able to get a few answers for u :)

  5. @sid: How? U hav sum special connection wid him/her(as per Bhavin)? dear friend u r mere mortals too.... ;)

  6. for time being someone please answer this question...
    where is Meneka?
    (and then yes, we will try to answer ur questions;)

  7. few people (like us, who brought apsaras to earth)are capable of running 'extra-mortal affairs' to answer your questions.. and just like a receptionists or God u don't have to doubt the capability of helping hands... just type a new blog and ask your questions...

  8. @Bhavin: u getting funnier by d day!!;) regarding meneka as i said earlier ask Indra... i m almost retiring now and too old to keep a track of them.. 'extra-mortal' is FUNNY!! thanks 4 offering the helping hand..things so personal(d ques) r nt meant to discussed over a public blog!! :)

  9. The Editor was sacked!

  10. Dear Anonymous,U r d world's best editor!! Sory 4 being a fool.. :)