Saturday, August 22, 2009

Life’s Good


LG might have copyrighted it (the title!) as its tagline but surely can’t keep a tab on its umpteen usage in our daily lives. Thanks to the globalization the professed American optimism has spread its roots deep in our lifestyles. Whether it is good or bad is very debatable but the answer to the question ‘Howz Life?’ would definitely be  ‘Good (or gud)!’(that comes with a forced smile!).

That leaves me completely flummoxed! How on earth is it possible? We all respond differently to identical tastes (Ever wondered how the same thing tastes on other’s taste buds?), smells, sounds, surfaces and sights. How can the majority retort to the above question with a common answer? Can so many people be in the congruent phase (tht’s Good!) in their life? Is it the lack of apt vocabulary, which makes it a convenient answer? Or is it a more politically correct manner of saying—‘ It’s none of your business’?

Ah, That’s a long list of questions! Let’s see how well do we know ‘Life’ to find an answer to the ‘you know what’ question.

Not so long ago, my status line on gtalk said, “ A feather stuck in a cobweb, waiting for a puff breeze” (if you try to decipher it would mean I was in an unpleasant state and was waiting to find an escape). My dear baby sister (actually thought of her as a baby before this!) Komal introduced me to the concept of ‘escapes’. She very well explained it to me how we more at ease in any situation when the ‘escape’ is within our field of vision and vice versa.

My recent experiences in life have seconded her argument.  To my displeasure I have come to understand that ‘life’ is ‘empty’ on its own. We end up living the ‘escapes’ and fool ourselves in believing ‘that’s Life’. These Escapes can range from a simple flick, a long holiday, work (oh yes, that’s an escape too!), materials, nostalgia, daydreaming and of course dozing off (Tht’s my favourite and the most accessible!) etc. Whenever you try finding a meaning to ‘Life’, you will end up perplexed because there is none. So, you strive giving meanings to it in form of  ‘escapes’.

Emptiness and escapism, that’s Life! I am not sure whether it makes it any easier to answer that particular question but it certainly clears my other doubts. ‘Good’ might be American way of keeping away from the nitty-gritty of life (which is really complex! Being a staunch optimist I do not know if optimism makes to ‘escape’ list.).

May I ask you— So, Howz life?


  1. m Good nw....atleast nw u realize how mature thinker i m !wot say big (bully)sis?

  2. Yup, sure u r indeed a very gr8 thinker!! but excuse me who's a bully here?? temme?? :)

  3. ur conversation with the 'anonymous' is interesting here :)

  4. hehe :) sum confidential data on air!!;)

  5. "how we more at ease in any situation when the ‘escape’ is within our field of vision and vice versa. "
    kudiye aida ki matlab hoya??

  6. bongi, siddha jaya matlab haga ki jadho tussi kithe phass jande ho or bahar jaan da rasta nahi vikhda to jyada pareshan honde ho....nahi taa rasta vikhne paar umeed to hondi baar niklen di... abhi sammaj payee....nahi ta in detail i ll tell over d chat!! ;)

  7. write something new dang!!!
    long time... no blogpost... your admirers will forget you!!!

  8. Lady u have a fine Pen, U should write more....